Repost from @jennigrammed | it’s my brothers @johnnygillespie 30th Bithday today | amazing Godly man who has run ahead and consistently called me to live courageously for the kingdom! Forever grateful!

There are few souls more dangerous to the Church and her mission than those in whom the gifts still operate but clang.
Leanne Payne

#latergram from downtown #Warsaw #Poland last month | loved the #architecture there!

Purity is not a long struggle against that which is impure or forbidden. Rather it is a singleness of heart. Catch the great thought that from HIM, the Father of Lights, comes every good and perfect gift, and therefore nothing outside of God is worth having or craving.
Fr. Gaynor Banks, The Master and the Disciple

Work | rest | play together | and I never get bored of this one | @mrsrachelbyrnes (at Tamboers Winkel)

A sound understanding of the Scriptures therefore evokes true imagery within the heart, just as it grants a sound theology to the mind.
Leanne Payne
Symbols bind up reality for us. When the symbols die, we die too.
Rev. Alan Jones

Everyone gets excited at #Bafana action!!!! (at Cape Town Stadium)

#southafrica vs #nigeria #capetown (at cape town stadium)

@jaketothemason vintage #polaroid camera shot in #spala #poland #latergram

Early morning #coffee experiments | #aeropress #bonavitagooseneckvariable #severin | The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders 5 (DSM 5) describes caffeine intoxication as occurring when an individual consumes considerably more than 250mg of caffeine in a short period. Now that is quite a feat to consume that amount of caffeine in coffee alone, but let me ask you if you have ever experienced any of the following symptoms following your 2nd (or 3rd) espresso: • Restlessness • Nervousness • Excitement • Insomnia • Flushed face • Diuresis (Frequent urination) • Gastronintestinal disturbance (Stomach trouble) • Muscle twitching • Rambling flow of thought and speech • Cardiac arrhythmia (Heart beating strangely) • Periods of inexhaustibility • Psychomotor agitation (E.g. Tapping your foot or hands rapidly) These are the symptoms of caffeine intoxication. (at Capri Village, Noordhoek)

Such a gift to get a few days with @jaketothemason in #poland last month | proud to call him a brother | #Spala (the photo he took here coming up next!)

There’s no retirement plan, but if there was…I wouldn’t mind this little #highlands #croft being a part of it! | #scotland #highland

Not all who wander are lost | #scotland #scottish #highlands #road | over-used Instagram quote seemed appropriate for this shot driving through the highlands a few weeks ago